Classroom Design

Not all students learn in the same way nor do all ages need the same classroom. We have adapted our classrooms to meet the needs of our students based on age and subject. From traditional rows of desks to the relaxed feel of a cafe our classes are designed to put learners in the proper mindset. 



Younger students need order and routine. Our lower school uses traditional models of desks in rows or groups to enable students to interact and learn the basics of school. 


As students move through the years their needs change. Our 4th and 5th grades have been adapted to use a mix of models. Students chose their seats and are able to change them throughout the day depending on their needs. 



Junior High students need to focus on higher-order thinking and don't need to be distracted by being uncomfortable. The junior high classes are designed with the subject in mind. Math and Science classes have a more traditional desk and lab set up while ELA empowers students with the relaxing model of a modern cafe.