About Us

Your Child is in Great Hands


St. Ephrem Catholic Academy has existed for almost 100 years. Through that time we have adapted and grown to provide a high-quality education for all that desire it.

We embrace many new teaching tactics that you may not associate with traditional education. We employ high-quality teachers, adaptive seating options, data collection and analysis, and hands-on learning. 

We love the traditions that have been handed to us and we work to continue them, but we understand that the world is changing and we are changing with it. 

We are committed to teaching all students the faith, service, and knowledge which will serve them as they move on in their academic careers. 

Our fourth graders helping our the Pre-K students builds community and a life of service.

Health & Safety

We take your child's health seriously. We have a full-time nurse that knows your child and any issues they may have.​

Under COVID restrictions we use a FOTRIC thermal camera to record the tempature of anyone who enters the building and require daily questionnaires for all who attend.


We follow all Diocesan, CDC, State, and Local guidelines

Always safe, our students wear their masks thoughout the day.