COVID guidlines

For over a year now we have been dealing with the pandemic. The rules and guidelines are often changed and seem confusing. Here is a rundown of the latest must knows for how we are dealing with the situation. 


Health Form

This form is for students. Each day this form must be completed before school to ensure the safety of all school members. The form can be found under the webforms section in the FACTS management system. 

Positive test

If your child receives a positive test result you must inform the school. An emailed copy of the rapid and PCR test should be sent to  Additionally, a list of students with whom your child has had close contact with should be included with the e-mail


Quarantine lists are sourced from the infected individual and teachers who have witnessed close contact. If your child has been identified as close contact they must quarantine for ten days from the last contact. 

Travel Guidelines

A negative  COVID test and a 7-day quarantine is required for all people who travel internationally or domestically. A 10-day quarantine is required for anyone who travels internationally or domestically and wishes to return to school without a COVID test. Please see the parent/student handbook COVID addendum on the file share page for full details located here. COVID travel   

Temperature screening 

Anyone who enters the building must have their temperature checked first. We have two Fotric temperature machines to ensure quick and reliable temperature scans. 

Close contact

Close contact is defined as being less than and six feet apart from an infected person for more than ten minutes accumulated over a 24 hour period. 

Testing out of quarantine

If you are vaccinated or have had COVID within three months of contact, with an infected individual, you can test out of quarantine with a negative test result. If you are quarantining because of domestic travel you can test out after three days. There are currently no other circumstances to test out of quarantine.