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Our Mission

We, the school family of St. Ephrem Catholic Academy, strive to be a welcoming and responsive Roman Catholic community by passing on our faith and traditions as we teach the students from Pre-K 3 to 8th grade by word and example.  In order to prepare our students to achieve success in their future educational endeavors, most notably academically challenging high schools, our faculty endeavors to empower our students to achieve excellence through instructional rigor.

Our Philosophy

To address our Mission, the faculty and staff at St. Ephrem Catholic Academy believe that:

  • Catholic education has as its primary aim the promotion of a vibrant Christian community and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • The purpose of our educational process should be child-oriented and balance physically, emotionally, aesthetically, and socially with a developmentally appropriate, academically challenging, gospel-infused curriculum.

  • The relationship and rapport among the administration, faculty, staff, parents and students are essential as together they respectfully set a pattern of constructive experiences, thereby generating a uniquely cohesive curriculum.

  • As educators in a Catholic school, we are committed to the teaching of Christian values which provide a profound service to society.

  • Strategic planning is essential for preserving the vision of Catholic education in our school community.

  • Our teachers are trained in the specific area of instruction in which they are tasked to teach. Having a deep understanding of content is key to delivering high-quality instruction.