June Ceremony Information

June is the time of Step=up and Graduation. This year is no different even if there are a few restrictions on what we can do. Below are a list of the dates and times for each of the ceremonies. Please be advised that for the 8th grade Mass you need to reserve your seats in advance on the Parish's website.

Step-up Ceremonies

Pre-K3 - June 10th 9:30 am - School Parking lot

Pre-K - June 10th 11Am - School Parking lot

School gym will be used in the event of rain

Graduation Celebrations

8th Grade Mass - June 5th - 5pm - St. Ephrem Church - RSVP required

Kindergarten - June 11th - 11am - School Gym

8th Grade Commencement - June 11th 7pm - St. Ephrem Church

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