Technology at

St. Ephrem


In grades Pre-k, -2 students learn using iPads in weekly classes.  All students in grades 3-5 are given their own iPad for individual use during class time under the guidance and supervision of their teacher.  


Google Classroom

A key to keeping students engaged in class and at home in connectivity. Students use google classroom to coordinate on projects, interactive with teachers and students, as well as track their progress throughout the year.



Internet safety is a major concern when we are so connected. Each teacher has use of goguardian software allowing them to see and interact with each of their student's devices so that they are always on task and productive. 



All junior high students use Chromebooks throughout the day, develop skills in the google suite of software, and create digital artwork for their visual arts class. 


Interactive whiteboards

The days of blackboards and dictation have been replaced with a new age of visualization. Each classroom is enabled with an interactive whiteboard that allows for teacher and student interaction and video display for the whole class.  

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IReady is an adaptive learning software instituted in grades K-8. Students take three diagnostic assessments throughout the year and work on individualized assignments based on their personal needs.